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Sri. G Veera Raghavaiah., M.Sc(C.S),ADPM.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)

Principal (FAC)


      “Education controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old , wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich”   - LAERTIUS

Education and Learning occupy a very important position in the development of a Nation. When Education was meant for the soul, the teacher and the taught were closely bound together, their affinity continued throughout the ages. We read tales of their affection in many of our Indian Classics. Teachers always loved their students and were loved by them in return. This relationship makes a very good reading. What was seminal to this relationship was its yogic fervor. Education in those days was aimed at revelation and remission from the pain of this sinful world.

But things have changed. Education for the soul is no more considered necessary today. Education for the material well being of the human beings has taken its place. Human intellect or knowledge is preferred to wisdom, a knowledge of divine. Education has come to be centered round the Physical Sciences. Life is lived only through material knowledge. With the result the essence of education i.e. the emanicipation of the soul from the body has been lost by us all.

The pious relationship of the Teacher and the taught  is no more the real concern of either of them. There exists between them only a dry accountability. The give  and take policy persists in the Teaching profession today, which has been precariously commercialized. I commence as we know there is no love and affection, but only trade and money. Teachers of today are no more exemplary to the students, as they hail from the same dry commercial dissemination of education. The students crave for higher positions in this mundane world. This they do at the cost of their self. The Teacher too is in no way different from typical clerk working in an office who deals with his accounts and sense of his answerability to his officer concerned. This is the reason why teachers of today are not object lessons to the posterity. ‘Old order changeth yielding place  to the new’. But the reverse has happened in the case of the system of education today. Something needs to be done about this. The commercial garb of education must be uncovered and a selfless system for all must emerge. This would save us from falling into the dungeon of ignorance and a primordial living. We all must live a civilized and a well nurtured life. The goal of education should not be materialistic but it should be a self satisfied one. The teachers of the modern day should believe in successfully moulding their students as future citizens of this loving country.    

Last but not the least I myself feel proud to work in this rural Institution as lecturer, Associate Professor in the Department of English for over a period of 35 years (1983-2019 April, Aided) and also as a principal (FAC) for 4 Months. In my long tenure I feel proud and enlightened to be a part of all developmental activities, Social services and also the Silver and Golden Jubilees of P.A.S College, Pedanandipadu. The respect and love of the students who belong to the farming community has no limits and bounds. I feel that I am successful in moulding the students and guiding them in a better way to become the young employees and entrepreneurs. As a Placement Officer of this college I feel satisfied for encouraging young prospective graduates in getting them employed in various organizations. Under my supervision many Job Melas have been conducted on campus and many of the students have attended Job Melas off Campus, and have bagged many higher positions. To conclude, as Lecturer, Associate Professor and as Principal, the cooperation and the support given by our Management is laudable. The doyen of Education, the Chairman Vignan Group , Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, our College beloved Secretary & Correspondent, is a great visionary and also a great educationist. Under his able guidance our institution in future continues  to impart Quality Education to the wards and I hope the journey of this historic institution continues gloriously forever. 

Vidya:dada:thi  Vinayam
Vinaya:thy a:thi  paithratha:m
Pa:thrathva:th  dhanava:pno:thi
Dhana:dharmam  thathassukham

The ultimate result of Human life is eternal Joy, “SUKHA”. We should all pursue our learning to achieve it in its real sense rather than through unauthenticated methods.



Sri. G. Veera Raghavaiah.(FAC)