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HISTORY of Pedanandipadu and SUCCESS of P.A.S College

Pedanandipadu , today is an enlightened and modern village with a rich history. The peasants and the farmers of this area depend upon rains to grow their crops. Cotton, Chilly are the main source of income for the farming community of Pedanandipadu. Sri. Parvathaneni Veeraiah Chowdary, the freedom fighter of this area motivated the people against the British. Under his Leadership the No Tax Campaign became famous and thousands of People of this area followed his footsteps in a Gandhian way. His name, the name of the village Pedanandipadu has been referred by the British in their Parliament. The great man, Veeraiah Chowdary came into fame as “Andhra Shivaji”. In the same way the first Parliamentarian Sri. Kolla Venkaiah belong to this place. His movement and his work has been dedicated to the farmers of this area. For the Welfare of the students who belong to this rural back ground and poor status, Sri. Tella Krishnama Chowdary thought of establishing a College. Under his Leadership the Villagers tried their best to get Power Supply and also a Bank to this village. Later they toiled hard in bringing up this college. It is also the birth place of stalwarts like Sri. Lavu Nageswara Rao, Judge, Supreme Court of India. 

The Rural Strata of Pedanandipadu endeavoured their best to start a college for their children. Many farmers of this area even mortgaged their lands to start a college. Their eagerness became fruitful and the Pedanandipadu College of Education was started in 1968. The growth of this College was enormous and it catered the needs of nearly 20 to 40 villages surrounding Pedanandipadu. The P.A.S College is sponsored and founded by the Pedanandipadu Educational Development Society registered with Sri. Y.Ranganayakulu Chowdary as President, Sri. T.Krishnama Chowdary B.A, B.L Retd. District Judge as the Secretary & Correspondent and Sri. D.Venkata Rangam as the Treasurer. The real and untiring efforts of Sri. T.Krishnama Chowdary, made the Institute grow into a large tree from a small sapling.

In the year 1976 Sri. J.Siva Rama Prasad B.A took charge as the Secretary & Correspondent and strove hard for the development of this Institution. In a sudden development Sri. J.Siva Rama Prasad passed away in the year 1984 and Smt. P.Venkayamma an eminent Lawyer, W/o. Sri. P.A. Chowdary took over as the Secretary & Correspondent. During her regime P.G Courses like M.A(Eng), M.A (Politics) were started and the college rose to the height of a P.G Centre also. Nearly two thousand students, every year who belong to the Rural farming background educated themselves from this College and settled in various Professions and Jobs. The P.A.S College once affiliated to the Andhra University is now affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University.

At this juncture The College, the founders , the Villagers and the Executive Committee of the Pedanandipadu Educational Development Society pay their due respects to Prof. K.Sachitananda Murthy, Sri. M.Venkata Ratnam, IAS Dist Collector , Guntur, and also several other dignitaries who lent their supporting hand in shaping this rural temple of Education.

Several Principal’s like Sri. J,Poulus, Sri. P.Sambasiva Rao, Sri. G.Narasimham, Sri. K.Subba Rao, Sri. G.Venkata Rao toiled hard to inculcate the highest value of culture and character among the students. At present Sri. M.Subba Rao, Principal who is more observant and trying his best in justifying the high ideals of the Management of the College.

The P.A.S College of Pedanandipadu has been admitted into Grant-in-Aid during the year 1973-74 by the govt. of A.P. With the assistance of UGC, Solar Plant, Spacious Class Rooms, Water Plant, Smart Boards, Library building etc are available on the campus for the use of students. In the year 1994, Dr.L.Rathaiah M.Sc., Ph.D Director, Vignan Educational Institutions took charge as the Secretary & Correspondent of the college. With a great vision he has taken the commendable decision of introducing the Hi-tech Courses. The AICTE inspected the College and sanctioned the courses of MCA & MBA   in the    year 1995-96.

B.Sc(Computers) was also introduced in the Academic Year 1998. Under the able leadership of Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, College bloomed with many facilities and Infrastructure. Eminent Teaching Faculty, Modern Labs, Solar Power, Water Plants, Advanced Gym, NCC and a Library which is spacious facilitating students with nearly 69000 volumes, Journals and Magazines are the valuable resources available on the campus.
In the year 2008, The P.A.S College has been accredited by the UGC  appointed NAAC peer team and bagged Grade ‘B’ with highest points. The Pride of our College completing 50 years of service to the rural poor students, the credit goes to the sacrifices of great elders Sri. Karanam Chinnaiah, Tella Krishnama Chowdary, Lavu Veera Bhadraiah, the icons whose vision ,dream and mission reached the point of grand Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the college. In future this rural temple will definitely be ideal as the sweat and blood of the peasants pillared this Institution.


The Pedanandipadu college of arts & sciences was started in 1968 . It is located with in the Panchayat limits of Pedanandipadu village catering the educational needs of nearly 20 villages situated with in a radius of 5 Miles. It is sponsored and founded by The Pedanandipadu Educational Development society registered under the Registration Act with Sri Y.Ranganayakulu Chowdary as President, Sri T.Krishnamma Chowdary BA.,B.L , Retired District judge as the secretary and correspondent and Sri D.Venkatarangam as the Treasurer. The college is the consummation of the untiring and indefatigable efforts and the missionary like zeal of the former secretary Sri T.Krishnamma Chowdary . When Sri T.Krishnamma Chowdary B.A., B.L, Secretary & correspondent , tendered his registration on 6 th October 1976 and the state of affairs was in quandary, the members of the committee prevailed on Sri J.Sivaram Prasad B.A., Secretery & Correspondent of VRS & YRN College, Chirala to take the helm in to his hands, which he accepted benevolently. Since the day of assuming Office the 10 th October 1976 Sri J.Sivaram Prasad B.A., Secretary & Correspondent strove hard for the development of this institution like a successful steersman exhibiting “ Youth on the prow, and pleasure at the helm, whose spirit stretched measureless in strength divine on the anvil for the blows of fate and time” . Constant and un sinking to the end Sri J.Sivaram Prasad B.A., Secretary & Correspondent, was a mightier source of desire and hope in the midst of ‘un sizeable freaks and mysteried turns ‘ . But fate willed as otherwise and his services could not be had for long as death was cruel in snatching him away from our midst on 30-08-1984 and the college community plunged in grief on his demise. Members of the managing committee wishing to entrust the stewardship to a stalwart have prevailed upon Smt. P.Venkayamma B.A., B.L., an eminent lawyer to take over. She is keen on developing the institution and has been evincing greater interest to find ways and means to fulfill the aspirations of the local populace.

The college is affiliated to Andhra University in arts courses of the B.A.standard.Commerce of the B.Com., standard and sciences of B.Sc.standard. Now the college is affiliated to Nagarjuna University. Prof.K.Sachidananda Murthy, the then principal and Special Officer of the Andhra University post-graduate center, Guntur.headed the inspection commission whose laudable efforts helped a lo9t for the materialization of the project, The inaugural function took place on 14 th July 1968 on the premises of the college. Sri M.Venkatarantnam. I.A.S., District Collector.Guntur, inaugurated the infant institution while Sri M.Nageswara Rao.Chairman.Zilla paarishad, Guntur, presided over the meeting, Sri T Krishnamma Chowdary read a report on the function of the Society giving a resume of the troubles and turmoils experienced and efforts made towards realizing the project of the college. He mentioned the aims and aspirations with which the college has been founded, to wit, to afford facilities of higher education to the youth of this rural area who are unable to go to towns and cities for collegiate studies and to inculcate the highest values of character and culture among the students and to make them ‘Observant, sharp ready, retentive ‘. The distinguished visitors hoped that through its life and work the institution would justify the high ideals of the sponsors and promised their advice and invaluable support in promoting these noble aims.

Sri J.Paulus, M.A., Retired Principal of Andhra Christian college, Guntur was appointed principal of this college.The necessary staff including non-teaching staff have been appointed. The necessary furniture and equipment were got ready within a short time and the college started working right in earnest from 15 th July, 1968. Since August 1972, when the reins of academic administration were taken up by Sri P.Sambasiva Rao M.Sc., Principal. he is trying to carve perfection from a bright world-stuff.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh too granted permission to open the college. During 1968-70. Science and Arts courses in intermediate class have been opened in the college. The Government having sanctioned two sections of eighty each.the University granted affiliation to the B.Sc.Degree course in August 1971. The Board of intermediate sanctioned two more sactions in the intermediate class during the year 1971-72. The college has been admitted into grant-in-aid during the year.1973-74 by the Government of Andhra pradesh, A spacious building for class-room was raised by the management with the U.G.C assistance of Rs. 1.00.000/- The college authorities have constructed a canteen for the comfort and convenience of the college community with the U.G.C. assistance. They were able to add two long sheds. Consisting of fourteen rooms for instructional purpose. The management has gone ahead stout-hearted and single-handed to construct another floor on the above-said building built with the U.G.C. assistance and by the this six more rooms are made available for conducting classes. On the existing office building two more spacious and extensive rooms have been constructed as first floor, thus giving it an imposing and stately appearance these two rooms are being used as college library and reading room. For the development of under – graduate educational facilities during fifth plan period an amount of Rs.2-55 lakhs has been sanctioned by the U.G.C out of which Rs.1-97 have been utilized for the extension of laboratory building and Rs. 57,666/- for the construction of animal house and workshop books and journals and Rs.1.20 lakhs for purchase of laboratory equipment and additions to asset units have been made as allocated. During 6 th plan period the U.G.C. has sanctioned Rs.1.4 lakhs for building projects, Rs.80,000/- towards the purchase of laboratory equipment and Rs.80,000/- for the purchase of books any journals. All this grant has been fully utilized.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has alienated an area of six acres of land situated in Nagulapadu panchayat limits to the college authorities enabling them to run a hostel. The Management is running the hostel with 50 students at present. A separate hostel for boys of scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes is being run at Nagulapadu with the pecuniary assistance of the state Government. The college library contains 15,500 volumes on different subject and it is being equipped with new additions from time with the assistance of the UGC on side and the college authorities and the philanthropists on the other. Now the college has attained a full-blown state with 59 members of various teaching faculties and 58 members of the Non-Teaching staff. Thus this rural Higher education center is carrying on its mission of perfection of the intellect. which is the result of education, and its “beauideal.” To the villagers in and around pedanandipadu with a sense of dedication and selfles service.

In the year 1994, Dr. L.Rathaiah M.Sc.,Ph.D, Director , Vignan Educational Institutions was prevailed over by the members of the committee and the public to take over the charge of the secretary ship and thus our College came under the able guidance of our present beloved Secretary Dr. L.Rathaiah . He, with a sheer prophetic vision took the commendable decision of introducing the Hi-Tech Courses in to our College academic activity . As a result, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) inspected our college and sanctioned the courses of MCA and MBA, which were started in 1995-96. In the Under Graduate courses B.Sc(Computer Science) was also introduced in the academic year 1998.. With these technical courses the academic atmosphere of our college has acquired a new impetus and a new direction. From the beginning itself these PG Departments have kept themselves on the path of growth and have attracted a large number of students from all over the state. Now, with all necessary infrastructure and equipment sufficient power facilities and ;lab facilities with large modern class rooms and a good eminent teaching faculty they are functioning very well up to the expectations of the management and public. These departments of MCA and MBA have been able to keep a record of good results every year. They are fulfilling the needs of the students who pursue their higher studies in this prestigious academic institution.