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Code Of Ethics-Research


THIS CODE OF ETHICS is meant for checking malpractices and plagiarism in research activity. This code reflects the guidelines rules and regulations that the staff and students or any person that is involved in the research activity.

This code is purposed to tackle the plagiarism as a researcher claims others work as his/her own.Our College follows the Code of Ethics in the following way:

  • Plagiarism is defined as “The process of using another person’s ideas or work and pretending that it is your own” and also Plagiarism may imply copying information from any published or unpublished text, e-content or audio visual material of others without proper referencing or acknowledgement. Plagiarism should be avoided by all means by the researchers, as plagiarism degrades the entire research process.
  • In order to maintain professional standards in the research work, the researcher should follow the principle of professionalism which covers integrity and quality in research process. Integrity refers to rely on truth and objectivity of the research work and accuracy, reliability and degree of excellence in the process of research and related work. A researcher is responsible for originality of research work and the reporting of research.
  • Those who are interested in producing research work should understand that there is a need to assess their work to prevent plagiarism and malpractices. The principle of accountability should be followed.
  • Whatever malpractice is detected either negligent plagiarism or dishonest plagiarism the individual will be responsible for the action to be initiated. That may result in disciplinary action or cancellation of the degree.
  • The researcher should stick to the values of fairness, justice, openness, integrity and originality, which enhance the quality and respectability of his work. Any genuine work in research is welcome.